Fragile Dream is an alternative rock band from Tavastia Proper, Finland. The Forssa based band is continuation of the long musical partnership of singer/songwriter/guitarist Hewey and guitarist/primus motor Janne.

Founded in 2012, Fragile Dream was at first just a ‘cyberspace’ project of Hewey and Janne. After a couple of home studio demos, however, the duo began to look for band mates in order to get playing live again. During the spring and summer 2012, bassist Tuomo and keyboard player Mikko joined the band. After going through a few candidates, the band recruited Timo as their drummer in autumn 2013. The line-up was completed in 2014 when Soila joined in as second vocalist/percussionist. Timo and the band parted ways in early 2017 and the band recruited Jukka as their new drummer.

Fragile Dream draws their musical influences from various 70’s and 80’s post-punk, new wave and stadium rock bands, ‘updating’ the sound of that era to the modern day. The band released their first official CD and digital single “When the Lights Come on Again” in 2016. That release was followed by three more singles in 2018. In the spring 2020 the band will release their first full length album.