Only Love Can Win is the most personal song on the album. I had a quite difficult period in my life around mid-2000s when I had setbacks in my relationship, music hobby, and family. I graduated at that time, of course, but not in a way that satisfied me; and getting a job proved to be much more difficult I had expected. At some point in time, however, everyday life began to look brighter and new musical ideas started to play in my head again. Only Love Can Win is from this period. I didn’t get the lyrics done yet, however, and the song stayed in the drawer waiting its turn.

A few years later I was going through both the aforementioned period and earlier failures in my life. I  thought it would have been easy for me to become embittered and fall into gloom. But for some reason I chose differently: I decided to have faith in positivity, empathy and love. I guess I am an optimist at heart. From these thoughts the lyrics to Only Love Can Win were born. For me , they work as a reminder that, even though at that particular time, things look bad and even hopeless, they can change if you just believe in that change and work for it. And, most of all, you have the courage to trust the people closest to you. A special reminder for me about the importance of trust and courage to seize the moment are the lyrics in the middle-eight. They take me back to memories more than 20 years ago. They are intertwined to two movies: Bridges of Madison County and Titanic, and to a girl I was seeing that time. I was reserved and didn’t have the courage to trust my feelings; instead I tried to process my feelings with logic – it was like trying to shoehorn a square peg of logic into the round hole of emotion – doomed to failure. The first demo of Only Love Can Win I recorded in 2011. After that, I forgot about the song for a long time until I was again faced with hardship, this time because of my own health. I had again to make decisions: do I submit and leave music out of my life because I no longer can sing and perform as intensively as before; or do I bite my lip and fight and adapt so that I can continue as long as possible with the hobby so dear to me. I remembered Only Love Can Win again, and knew the latter was the right choice for me. This is why I wanted the song to feature on this album. And, even though Only Love Can Win is very personal song, its message works on more general level as we as humankind face very grave adversities right now. With cooperation, trust, empathy and love we can fight and overcome the problems we are facing better than with isolation, bitterness and hate

Hewey – Fragile Dream