Loss of inspiration is one of the worst moments for a songwriter. I’ve experienced it a few times. That feeling is empty and strange when you’ve got used to musical ideas spinning around your head almost incessantly. Of course, most of those ideas are completely useless, but the silence, which comes when the ideas stop coming, is intolerable – for me at least. When the inspiration returns, however, is very exhilarating moment. Often the dry season is ended by some new and fascinating experience; sometimes it’s an event which leaves a mark on your soul. Generally speaking (life) experiences have big importance on the birth of inspiration. Without experiences, adventures, setbacks and disappointments it’s hardly possible to have inspiration either, since you don’t have emotional responses from where to draw energy for it. And not everything has to be spectacular; often in small moments lies the seed of great inspiration. I’ve come across these kinds of moments e.g. while watching a movie or reading a snippet of a sentence. But mainly life experiences are the bubbling well from where I draw my inspiration. This is why the ‘Unfinished Song’ urges you to seize the moment; boldly gain a variety of experiences and be open-minded and you may see something progressive, new and beautiful…or old, regressive and ugly. All of these, however, can spark inspiration to make something new, be it music, painting, writing, or views on how the world could be made better. The song of each of us is still unfinished; it only becomes finished in death. And the songs of some of us are still remembered even after death.

Hewey – Fragile Dream